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Who we are:


H. O'Toole & Co Pty Ltd trading as O’Toole Produce in the Brisbane Produce Markets is a Wholesale Produce Merchant


What we do:


  •  We buy and sell bulk quantities of fresh potatoes,  onions, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, garlic,  ginger and melons.

  • We pre-pack and sell fresh potatoes and onions.

  • We supply high quality plastic bulk bins, crates and containers.


How we do our business:


  • Our business aims to exceed our suppliers’ and customers’ expectations providing the service of buying and selling fresh vegetables, and supplying plastic bulk bins, crates and containers


  • We aim to do business with integrity, with transparency and fairness in our dealings and with respect for the relationships we have established with our suppliers and customers.


  • We seek to promote the Company mindful of the goodwill and standing that this business has developed during more than 100 years of trading.


  • We encourage our employees to work as a team attending to the interests of the Company while at their work


  • We are ready for the inevitability of change - both sudden and unexpected change or change that comes with the evolution of the fresh fruit and vegetable industry brought about by technological developments, agricultural improvements and commercial trends and impacts.




  • We welcome the opportunities that come with change to improve our performance, gain new suppliers and customers, and establish better ways of doing business



Our obligations and compliance:




  • The Australian Taxation Office

  • The Australian Security & Investment Commission obligations and laws

  • The Australian Horticulture Code of Conduct – Mandatory

  • Workplace Health & Safety laws

  • Fair Work Australia laws

  • Food Safety laws

  • Privacy laws




  • Brisbane Market Limited tenant obligations and requirements which include the requirements and by-laws of Brisbane City Council (for  example waste disposal)

  • The Queensland Chamber of Fruit & Vegetable Industries Co-operative Ltd (known as Brismark) of which O’Toole Produce is a shareholder member

  • O’Toole Produce’s “Who we are, what we do, how we do business” statements

  • Compliance with our Food Safety program

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