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O'Toole Produce buyers Paul O'Toole (3rd generation merchant) and Tim O'Toole (4th generation merchants) source the best produce from the growing regions of Australia to suit our customers' requirements. We have long term relationships with trusted suppliers of high quality produce.



We source fresh brushed and washed potatoes from the various growing regions of Australia according to the growing and harvesting timing for that region.

  • Atherton Tableland, north Qld

  • Bundaberg, Qld

  • Lockyer Valley, south-east Qld

  • Dorrigo, north coast NSW

  • Hillston, south central NSW

  • Thorpdale, Gippsland Vic

  • Ballarat, central highlands Vic

  • Virginia district, S.A

  • Our main supply of onions comes from south-east South Australia during the months January-October each year with some supply being sourced from Gippsland, Victoria and Tasmania.

  • The Lockyer Valley, Queensland followed by the onion growing area of the Darling Downs are the source of our supply from October through to January.

  • Griffith, NSW harvests onions December through February for the Queensland Market.


O'Toole Produce specialises in sourcing 3 main varieties of pumpkin - Butternut, Jap and Grey or Samson.

We take supplies of pumpkin throughout the year from the following areas, depending on the season:

  • Atherton Tableland, north Qld

  • Burdekin, north Qld

  • Bundaberg, Qld

  • Gatton, Lockyer Valley Qld

  • Chinchilla, Qld

As well as some Australian garlic being available for supply to our customers, we take imported garlic from the following countries:

  • Mexico

  • Argentina

  • Spain

  • China

Fresh raw watermelon falling in the air isolated on green background. Food levitation or z
Sweet potato

We specialise in supplies of melons from north Queensland, the Lockyer Valley and the Darling Downs, Qld.




Sweet potatoes are a year round vegetable mostly sourced in Queensland.

We take supplies from:

  • Atherton Tableland, north Qld

  • Burdekin, north Qld

  • Bundaberg, Qld

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